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Project Description

Annai Sathya Tsunami Rehabilitation Center

The tsunami of December 26, 2004 left a trail of death and destruction along the Tamilnadu coast. More than 7000 people perished in and around the town of Nagapattinam which was most affected. Tens of thousands were left homeless and the elderly and destitute in particular lived in pathetic conditions fending for themselves.Most tragically, hundreds of children were orphaned, many of them losing both parents in the tragedy.

Our Club joined the worldwide planning and rehabilitation work along with the local officials led by District collector, Dr. J Radhakrishnan. He opined that Rotary must build a complex comprising of a residential building for orphaned children, a Primary school for the resident children along with a Senior citizen home.

A 3-in-1 integrated facility in one complex
Successful Government and NGO collaboration
Children’s residential quarters – Four units totalling 22,000 sqft to house 200 children
Primary school building of 8,500 sqft for LKg to 6th standard
Senior Citizen’s home of 5,000 sqft to house 25 residents
Modern equipment for kitchen, dining, bunker beds, recreation facilities, reading room and computer room provided
Project Cost Rs. 35 million