Project Description

Rotary Central TTK VHS Blood Bank


  • Established in 1996 in partnership with TTK Group and Voluntary Health Services (VHS), Taramani
  • This facility is located within the VHS campus at Taramani, Chennai.
  • Provides free blood for poor patients
  • Provides free blood transfusion to more than 200 Thalassemia affected children every month
  • Conducts more than 30 blood donation camps a month for free blood collection from various organisations
  • Capacity to process 3000 units of blood every month

Key figures:

(Average per month)

Blood donation camps held:  20+
Blood units collected  1650+
Blood given to Thalassemia children 350+


Location: Taramani, Chennai

Contact: 044 2254 2829

Hours: 24 hrs