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Project Description

Happy Schools

  • Our club feels that Education should also be a fundamental human right along with food, shelter and water. 
  • A major reason for high rate of school dropouts is inadequate infrastructure in schools
  • Our club decided to not just improve school infrastructure but to convert schools in to Happy Schools:
    • Neatly and cheerfully painted school buildings with compound walls
    • Adequate and functional separate school toilets for boys and girls
    • Handwashing stations for hygiene 
    • Access to clean and adequate drinking water
    • A well equipped library
    • Sports equipment and games for fun
  • The first phase in 2018-19 involved 2 schools 
    • Jaigopal Garodia Govt Girls Higher Secondary School in Ponneri
    • Government Higher Secondary School in Kathivakkam, Ennore

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