Project Description

Bone Bank @ Adyar Cancer Institute


  • To be established inside the Adyar Cancer Institute in the year 2019
  • It will be a Rotary International Global Grant Project
  • First bone bank in the South of India
  • For meeting the need of Allograft bone for reconstruction of bones for procedures on cancerous and non-cancerous patients in Chennai and nearby places
  • Current common procedure of using metal prosthesis – costly, and may require multiple revisions during a person’s life
  • Use of Allograft bone substitutes will result in one-time permanent procedure as additional revision surgeries are not required
  • Benefits of using Allograft bone:
    • No limitation to the number / size of the bone
    • Can be tailored intra-operatively to match size of the defect
    • It would be 5 to 10 times cheaper than metal prosthesis
    • Obviates long term complication of the prosthesis
    • Biological reconstruction
    • Permanent Solution


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