Project Yellow – Convalescent Plasma for COVID-19

Posted By rotaryadmin

To identify, counsel donors, create stocks and make available Convalescent Plasma at an affordable cost.

Various treatments methods & cures are being tried out in the battle against COVID.

Treatment with Plasma from a Covid recovered patient appears to be one of the effective process. Delhi Government has been developing infrastructure to make available the plasma thro a Covalascent Plasma Bank.

Our State Govt has been active in this treatment. A couple of days back, our Hon’ble Health Minister informed that this treatment has been effective.

RCMC, RCME & RCG along with the Innerwheel Clubs in IWD 323 have embarked on PROJECT YELLOW and creating a Covalascent Plasma Bank along with Rotary Central VHS Blood Bank. The facilities, Infrastructure & Medical fraternity are the strength of Rotary Central VHS.

The Challenge now is in identifying the Covid recovered patients, counseling the patients and getting them to voluntarily donate plasma to save lives.

*PROJECT YELLOW ” will address these issues.